Welcome to my website

You are most likely visiting today because you are hurting and/or searching. Hurting because something is not working in your life, and searching for a therapist/counsellor that you feel comfortable enough with to help you with your quest.

Finding a counselor can de a daunting task. Often, at a time when you are feeling confused, lost, helpless, hurt and perhaps angry - you have to find someone quickly but also someone you feel confident will be able to help.

I hope my website will help and not hinder you in your search.

I encourage you to view the selection of a counsellor much the same way you would if you were looking to hire an employee. So what aspects are the most essential for a good fit?

Education and Training – I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, and five years of supervised experience.

Experience – I have been in private practice since 1985. Along the way I have also been the director of a BC Provincial Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Treatment Center, a Family Service Center, and an Alternative to Custody Center for Young Offenders.
Licensed and Bonded – I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (# 1307) and I carry liability insurance to safe guard against malpractice.
Respect – I believe one of the deepest human needs is to be respected and this is vital for clients to feel this in the counselling setting.

Genuineness – a counsellor has to be comfortable in his or her own skin, without front or façade, constant and consistent. A healthy role model in other words.
Personality – Research has found one of the most important factors contributing to change in clients is the personality of the counsellor. It is very important that you like you counsellor and get along with them. It is easier to be vulnerable with some one you like than with someone you don’t really care for. You are most likely going to share with them your deepest secrets, yearnings, hopes and aspirations, and personality clashes only hinder the healing process.

Availability – I can generally see a client within 24 to 48 hours and I am available for appointments mornings, early afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.

Fees – My fee for service is $100.00 for an hour and fifteen-minute session.

Confidentiality – Everything disclosed in the counselling session I hold in the strictest of confidence, accept for specific information that I explain in the initial session.