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About Tim

I am originally from London, England (hence the accent). I grew up in a very large blue-collar family, wherein I was exposed to dysfunction in its many subtle disguises - addictions, emotional and physical abuse, neglect, rejection, abandonment, denial, distraction and disassociation - and their consequent manifestations of low self-esteem, poor self-concept, insecurity, loneliness, emotional illness and codependency.

I left home when I was 16, married at seventeen and having completed an apprenticeship as a fabricator/welder, emigrated to Canada in 1974 at age 21 -with a wife and two small children in tow.

After completing two years at the University of Calgary, I transferred to the University of Victoria where I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology (1985).

My marriage of 17 years ended in divorce in 1988 as a result of irreconcilable differences, and I married a second time in 1990 at age 36. I “inherited” three other small children to add to the five of my former relationship, and we added one of our own thus becoming a “yours, mine and ours” family - with the myriad of problems that such a union brings.

Throughout my adult life I have struggled to redress the trauma and dysfunction of my childhood via individual, couples and family counselling. While emotionally I am much healthier and more functional than I was as a younger man, I am not a finished product and still grapple from time to time with issues related to my humanness as I strive to become a self actualized, balanced and functional person.

Today, I like who I am. I have lain to rest the demons of my past and endeavor to be to true myself. As my life continues to evolve I am reminded daily of the progress I have made and the areas of my life that still require some attention.

It is because of my willingness to be human and work through my own issues, coupled with my education, training and experience that I am effectively able to help my clients face and resolve their own issues, with a sense of compassion, understanding and empathy.

The therapeutic journey is often scary and difficult, frustrating and painful, but with the right guidance and support the outcome is infinitely worthwhile. In my experience it is the only way to effectively and permanently undo the damage of the past so as to find happiness, peace of mind and personal control in and over our lives both now and into the future.