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How I work

Counselling/Therapy is essentially spiritual work that requires honesty, courage, confidence, openness and vulnerability. These are spiritual words as are: authenticity, genuineness, integrity, compassion, empathy, dignity and respect – all have a place in the therapeutic environment.

It is my responsibility to support my clients emotionally and encourage them as they tell their story and reveal themselves. I am neither a judge nor lawyer so I do not make moral judgments or expect my clients to justify themselves or their behavior.

I am a facilitator of self-awareness, self-discovery and change.

Since we all start out as children – vulnerable, spiritual creatures that are easily wounded emotionally by the ignorant, thoughtless, insensitive and sometimes cruel and exploitive behavior of our parents/caregivers.

I frequently focus on Inner Child Healing. This process assists clients in becoming aware of emotional damage that took place in their young lives, often before they were even conscientious.

I evaluate and respectfully challenge values and beliefs as often, faulty perceptions and erroneous behaviors lead to misunderstandings and painful consequences in our lives and relationships.

I serve as a Guide or Mentor who gently guides clients through the stormy waters or swirling fog of past and present relationships that may have negatively impacted their lives.

A significant aspect of my work is that of Teacher in that I instruct and educate clients. I empower them to identify, accept and incorporate healthy and functional choices and behaviors that will result in a greater sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

We all have an inner voice, intuition and sense of inner wisdom. As a Coach I assist clients in accessing and trusting their inner-self, as it is an internal compass that will always be accurate and true.