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Who I work with

As a Private Practitioner I work with Individuals, Couples and Families that typically are hurting as a consequence of dysfunction. For example:

*A person who compulsively does things that hurts, annoys of frustrates them self and/or others

*A couple that cannot seem to put some painful past experience behind them

*A family that fights and argues incessantly

Despite having done all in their power to change, their behavior continues unabated until it reaches a crisis level.

Generally speaking, my clients are typically average hard working people who want to be happy but for some reason they are not. They have come to realize they want something better than what they have and are prepared to look at themselves and make behavior changes in order to get what they want. The problem is – they just don’t know how to do it by themselves. What they have in common is they all hurt. In fact emotional and physical pain are tremendous sources of motivation. When we hurt bad enough we are prepared to do something about it. And that is when counselling can be very effective.